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Fashion Forward?

So, I mentioned here that I was going design more often. So, I have been playing around with some fun designs. Today’s release is a fun set of Fashion Tees!

I’d Do Me Tee

Before I decided on what direction to go with my newly found direction, I wandered the blogs and the Grid for inspiration. You know what I found? Tons of stuff that is decent designing from cheerleader outfits, to risque’ club outfits that would make a veteran rl prostitute blush and everything in between. In all of it, not too much of it would I actually wear irl. So, then I went to my closet. I have a lot of oufits! And I have a lot of outfits that I wear infrequently. I kept coming back to what I wear every evening when my day is over. And that is a dozen or so comfy Tees.

So, that’s what I made – six Tees with sassy sayings on them. As I finished the first Tee, I felt like I needed to do more, so I made a crop version of the Tee. Alas, I still felt he set was not complete, because very few things in nature come in twos. Threes and fives are more common. So I settled on three styles and made a tank.

Random Acts of Blondeness Tee

And that’s what the set is… Three different Tee styles (a Tee, a Crop Tee and a tank). The set is sold with one of each clothing layer for each style. That’s a undershirt, shirt and jacket layer in each Tee Style (a Tee, a Crop Tee and a tank). POP QUIZ: How many items in the box? <insert Jeopardy music here> That’s right, nine (plus a landmark and a pic so you know what is being put on before putting it on). So eleven really.

BF is Staring TeeBlondes No Cover TeeBest Never Have TeeSexy in Style Tee

I hope you love ’em. I may “Cafe’ Press” them at some point. You can find them in my store on Essence Island.



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