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It’s All About the Shoes

I can find a pair of sexy, quality boots in Second Life in a matter of minutes. I can do the same for pumps, and stilettos and a nice pair of Mary Janes.

BUT, why is it that when I’m looking for a pair of shoes that don’t dress up my 3 favorite pairs of jeans or go well with my casual, but sexy Yoga outfit from !X2, I search for ridiculous amounts of time not only locating a pair, but then the quality is less than ideal.

Let’s face it, shoes are one of the finishing touches on an outfit. I’d upload a picture of a terrific skin, hair, outfit, and jewelry paired with a terrible or not quite right pair of footwear, but that is just something I just don’t (and wont even for a blog post) do.


If you haven’t heard of Redgrave, then you might want to try putting a house on that “first land” instead that prim cave you currently spend all of your time in. They have the most yummy sneakers! They are sculptie sneakers and come in red, black, white, pink and blue. They sell a lot of other fashions as well for women and a store for men too. Many of the Redgrave items are (in my opinion) a tad pricey. BUT, that being said, everything is also very finely crafted.

I just had to break down and get two pairs of sneakers. They remind me of Keen shoes, irl which I totally dig! They come in two sizes. One and Two. Having those options makes a big difference because I’ve found with some outfits the smaller ones look better and I like my “Twos” when I’m wearing any flare pants like below.


Otherwise, it just looks like you have some tarsal growth disease since childhood and people will stare at you funny, but never say anything cause, “That just wouldn’t be polite”.

I haven’t met the creator, Emilia Redgrave, but when I do some day, I will kiss her all up and down for making these!  Go check out Redgrave.You wont be sorry!


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