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Ima Bad, Bad Designer/Blogger

Tons of designs, many posts, and lots of traffic on my blog.

The best laid plans.

Sometimes life trows some curve balls at you and you have to adjust. For the past year, I have been mostly an observer in Second Life. Only a smattering of designs hit my shops last year and for that I’m sorry and to be honest disappointed in myself.


I plan on making a change that means more designs, more often. I will be working on two sets of designs from now on. One simple one that can be released rather quickly and also work on a more challenging design that takes more time. So, it’s likey that I will release two or three simple designs while I continue to work on the more complicated one.

By the way, simple does not mean crap designs, but rather designs that aren’t multi-layer, multi-transparent, multi-prim designs. Although easier to create they’ll have the same attention to detail on seams, textures and style that I insist upon in all my designs.

 So, here’s to a new year and a new Fashion Slave in Second Life!


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