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Pffft… Pffft. Is This Thing On?

I have been sooo absent from posting. I have had a few real-life issues, many of which are just lessened. So, that is good. I have also been absent from designing. Part of the funk that I was in I decided to deal with by opening my creative valves and letting the juices flow. Because of that, I have new sets of eyes that I created that got the valve opened some. I decided to call them Eye Wear. Because, well, they are eyes and ummmm you wear them. I created 7 sets of eyes: 2 Blues, 2 Greens, 2 Flashy and 1 Brown set. Each set comes with six unique eyes and with a simple reflection. That’s 42 unique eyes total with a simple reflection. I also created the same sets with a window reflection in them (eyes to the soul and all).

Blue Eyes

Once the tap was open I decided to make something more back in my normal zone. So, I created understated. understated is the mix and match outfit that you wear and look smoking hot in but you don’t look like you are trying too hard. It comes in either black or grey. There is a lot of flexibility here. A plaid flexi-prim skirt with belt. I included the belt and skirt seperate and as one primmy unit as it may be easier to fit on some shapes in either configuration and mean a lot less adjusting. In any case you get a prim belt to wear with any outfit as a bonus. 

It also comes with four tank tops. Short and long versions. Each version comes in a transparent and opaque version. That’s right, two plus two equals four.

understated black

The jacket and pants come as a matching set, but can be worn seperately. The pants come with prim flare legs and the jacket comes with prim cuffs. The textures were created so you do not have to have the legs or cuffs for it to look good if they are not your thang.

A cute pair of plaid panties that are great for hanging out in with the tank to make your friends eyes pop out. These were really unnecessary, but I just had to make them. Oh, and glitch pants for the skirt to round it out. You can find them at my new store in Essence Island.


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