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Hair Scare!

Hair Fair 2007 started today. Well kinda.

I was there exactly on time for the opening. “On time” is one of those loose terms, which for me usually means within thirty minutes of an event’s start time. Some call it fashionably late, and others just call it late. I was right on time.

So, picture the scene… Scads of avatars jubilantly combing through all the hair at the fair. Most talking about this fab hair or the awesome textures in another. And good quality freebees a plenty. Can you picture all of the celebrity hair designer stars hanging out with us regular folks chatting and giving out autographs at a frantic pace? That is how I pictured hair fair. But it was far from that!

Hair Fair07

Instead, myself and over 100 other avatars, sat at the edge of the Hair Fair Sim. Trying to get in. Everyone was receiving the message that the sim was full when they tried to enter. We would all get bounced back a meter or so. So much chatter, and confusion. I wondered where I could pick up my number so I could patiently wait until it was called, but sadly, there was no such system.

Many avatars just continued to try to march forward; incessantly bouncing back from the border of the sim. It was a nasty little dance that some just couldn’t help but continue to try. Of all the people that were waiting to get in, Starley Thereian was there. I asked if she had a special ticket and she replied, “You’d think so. :(“.

It was so close. We could see it. We could even see plenty of avatars actually in the Fair. Cruel, Cruel Sim! Curse You!! I was running my fingers through my hair and then the crazy thoughts began.

It’s a conspiracy. Everyone’s in on it. There really isn’t any hair in there. Jonathan Antin is the Mastermind behind all of this. If I ever get in there I’m going to take down the grid. Yeah!

Okay and then the thoughts ceased because I began flying toward the light… Well, toward the entrance! I was in! Glory be to Phillip Linden, I was on my way to the Land of Luscious Locks!

The Fair is organized. I would recommend working your way around the perimeter starting with the pantie peeing, pirate, himself Twiddler Thereian of Taunt, who is in stall number one. Not too far from him is Lost Thereian. With some sweet new styles and his signature rich, real-life textures.

I made my way around and saw many names I have come to know and love, and quite a few nice, quality crafted do’s from some not as famous designers. I’ll be giving a run down of my fav’s in a day or two or three.

Until then, watch your back… they’re watching!


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