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Ahhhh! The Wonderful Feel of Fine Silk (and a Virtual World Business Brief)

I know what you’re thinking… It’s a fashion Blog and you’re mixing in Virtual World crap too!?!? yes, I am. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Don’t you just love the feel of a nice silk draped across your skin? I love it as it slides across my body either in the form of sheets on my bed or shirts, or any kind of undergarment. I created a sweet silk top that I paired with my Earthy 769 Jeans. I think the outfit has a causal, understated hotness about it. Ya know, ya look hot in it, but there is no reason to shove it in other peep’s faces.

Silk Indulgence

 It can be found in-world (when the Grid is not down like right now) at Fashion Slave in the BraveHearts sim. Enjoy!

Philip Rosedale is featured in Inc. Mag this month in the, “How I Did It” feature. Very interesting kinda traces his career and briefly discusses the hurdles Linden Labs has jumped over. I thought it was particularily interesting the management style and organization structure (if you call it that) that LL has. Find the whole 3-page article here.


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