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Now is the Time to Get Busting Your Ass and Abs!

As we dawn upon March, it sure is high time that we all get nekkid and stand in front of a mirror and check out how the winter and holiday indulgences have taken their toll on our figures. I for one, could use a huge ass whoppin’ from a personal chef, personal trainer and once that’s over one from my sweetie <grins>.

That is one reason, I love Second Life. I got nekkid isl today and rotated my camera around my virtual self and felt contented. Exuberant, actually. I look good in everything! Especially swimwear. So I release to you fab bikinis just in time for your virtual self to remind your real-world self that it is time to hit it.

These suits come in solid colors that are all fruit themed. Ya know, pineapple, grape, BLACKberry etc…  And can be found at Fashion Slave.

Solid Bikinis

The suits also come in different colored patterns. I call them “concentric” due to the circular nature of the pattern. 

Pattern Bikinis

You can buy the colors and pattern you want individually for only $L150 or more than half off if you buy a set of eight. I hope you love them.



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