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Fashion Forward?

So, I mentioned here that I was going design more often. So, I have been playing around with some fun designs. Today’s release is a fun set of Fashion Tees!

I’d Do Me Tee

Before I decided on what direction to go with my newly found direction, I wandered the blogs and the Grid for inspiration. You know what I found? Tons of stuff that is decent designing from cheerleader outfits, to risque’ club outfits that would make a veteran rl prostitute blush and everything in between. In all of it, not too much of it would I actually wear irl. So, then I went to my closet. I have a lot of oufits! And I have a lot of outfits that I wear infrequently. I kept coming back to what I wear every evening when my day is over. And that is a dozen or so comfy Tees.

So, that’s what I made – six Tees with sassy sayings on them. As I finished the first Tee, I felt like I needed to do more, so I made a crop version of the Tee. Alas, I still felt he set was not complete, because very few things in nature come in twos. Threes and fives are more common. So I settled on three styles and made a tank.

Random Acts of Blondeness Tee

And that’s what the set is… Three different Tee styles (a Tee, a Crop Tee and a tank). The set is sold with one of each clothing layer for each style. That’s a undershirt, shirt and jacket layer in each Tee Style (a Tee, a Crop Tee and a tank). POP QUIZ: How many items in the box? <insert Jeopardy music here> That’s right, nine (plus a landmark and a pic so you know what is being put on before putting it on). So eleven really.

BF is Staring TeeBlondes No Cover TeeBest Never Have TeeSexy in Style Tee

I hope you love ’em. I may “Cafe’ Press” them at some point. You can find them in my store on Essence Island.



It’s All About the Shoes

I can find a pair of sexy, quality boots in Second Life in a matter of minutes. I can do the same for pumps, and stilettos and a nice pair of Mary Janes.

BUT, why is it that when I’m looking for a pair of shoes that don’t dress up my 3 favorite pairs of jeans or go well with my casual, but sexy Yoga outfit from !X2, I search for ridiculous amounts of time not only locating a pair, but then the quality is less than ideal.

Let’s face it, shoes are one of the finishing touches on an outfit. I’d upload a picture of a terrific skin, hair, outfit, and jewelry paired with a terrible or not quite right pair of footwear, but that is just something I just don’t (and wont even for a blog post) do.


If you haven’t heard of Redgrave, then you might want to try putting a house on that “first land” instead that prim cave you currently spend all of your time in. They have the most yummy sneakers! They are sculptie sneakers and come in red, black, white, pink and blue. They sell a lot of other fashions as well for women and a store for men too. Many of the Redgrave items are (in my opinion) a tad pricey. BUT, that being said, everything is also very finely crafted.

I just had to break down and get two pairs of sneakers. They remind me of Keen shoes, irl which I totally dig! They come in two sizes. One and Two. Having those options makes a big difference because I’ve found with some outfits the smaller ones look better and I like my “Twos” when I’m wearing any flare pants like below.


Otherwise, it just looks like you have some tarsal growth disease since childhood and people will stare at you funny, but never say anything cause, “That just wouldn’t be polite”.

I haven’t met the creator, Emilia Redgrave, but when I do some day, I will kiss her all up and down for making these!  Go check out Redgrave.You wont be sorry!

Ima Bad, Bad Designer/Blogger

Tons of designs, many posts, and lots of traffic on my blog.

The best laid plans.

Sometimes life trows some curve balls at you and you have to adjust. For the past year, I have been mostly an observer in Second Life. Only a smattering of designs hit my shops last year and for that I’m sorry and to be honest disappointed in myself.


I plan on making a change that means more designs, more often. I will be working on two sets of designs from now on. One simple one that can be released rather quickly and also work on a more challenging design that takes more time. So, it’s likey that I will release two or three simple designs while I continue to work on the more complicated one.

By the way, simple does not mean crap designs, but rather designs that aren’t multi-layer, multi-transparent, multi-prim designs. Although easier to create they’ll have the same attention to detail on seams, textures and style that I insist upon in all my designs.

 So, here’s to a new year and a new Fashion Slave in Second Life!

Pffft… Pffft. Is This Thing On?

I have been sooo absent from posting. I have had a few real-life issues, many of which are just lessened. So, that is good. I have also been absent from designing. Part of the funk that I was in I decided to deal with by opening my creative valves and letting the juices flow. Because of that, I have new sets of eyes that I created that got the valve opened some. I decided to call them Eye Wear. Because, well, they are eyes and ummmm you wear them. I created 7 sets of eyes: 2 Blues, 2 Greens, 2 Flashy and 1 Brown set. Each set comes with six unique eyes and with a simple reflection. That’s 42 unique eyes total with a simple reflection. I also created the same sets with a window reflection in them (eyes to the soul and all).

Blue Eyes

Once the tap was open I decided to make something more back in my normal zone. So, I created understated. understated is the mix and match outfit that you wear and look smoking hot in but you don’t look like you are trying too hard. It comes in either black or grey. There is a lot of flexibility here. A plaid flexi-prim skirt with belt. I included the belt and skirt seperate and as one primmy unit as it may be easier to fit on some shapes in either configuration and mean a lot less adjusting. In any case you get a prim belt to wear with any outfit as a bonus. 

It also comes with four tank tops. Short and long versions. Each version comes in a transparent and opaque version. That’s right, two plus two equals four.

understated black

The jacket and pants come as a matching set, but can be worn seperately. The pants come with prim flare legs and the jacket comes with prim cuffs. The textures were created so you do not have to have the legs or cuffs for it to look good if they are not your thang.

A cute pair of plaid panties that are great for hanging out in with the tank to make your friends eyes pop out. These were really unnecessary, but I just had to make them. Oh, and glitch pants for the skirt to round it out. You can find them at my new store in Essence Island.

Hair Scare!

Hair Fair 2007 started today. Well kinda.

I was there exactly on time for the opening. “On time” is one of those loose terms, which for me usually means within thirty minutes of an event’s start time. Some call it fashionably late, and others just call it late. I was right on time.

So, picture the scene… Scads of avatars jubilantly combing through all the hair at the fair. Most talking about this fab hair or the awesome textures in another. And good quality freebees a plenty. Can you picture all of the celebrity hair designer stars hanging out with us regular folks chatting and giving out autographs at a frantic pace? That is how I pictured hair fair. But it was far from that!

Hair Fair07

Instead, myself and over 100 other avatars, sat at the edge of the Hair Fair Sim. Trying to get in. Everyone was receiving the message that the sim was full when they tried to enter. We would all get bounced back a meter or so. So much chatter, and confusion. I wondered where I could pick up my number so I could patiently wait until it was called, but sadly, there was no such system.

Many avatars just continued to try to march forward; incessantly bouncing back from the border of the sim. It was a nasty little dance that some just couldn’t help but continue to try. Of all the people that were waiting to get in, Starley Thereian was there. I asked if she had a special ticket and she replied, “You’d think so. :(“.

It was so close. We could see it. We could even see plenty of avatars actually in the Fair. Cruel, Cruel Sim! Curse You!! I was running my fingers through my hair and then the crazy thoughts began.

It’s a conspiracy. Everyone’s in on it. There really isn’t any hair in there. Jonathan Antin is the Mastermind behind all of this. If I ever get in there I’m going to take down the grid. Yeah!

Okay and then the thoughts ceased because I began flying toward the light… Well, toward the entrance! I was in! Glory be to Phillip Linden, I was on my way to the Land of Luscious Locks!

The Fair is organized. I would recommend working your way around the perimeter starting with the pantie peeing, pirate, himself Twiddler Thereian of Taunt, who is in stall number one. Not too far from him is Lost Thereian. With some sweet new styles and his signature rich, real-life textures.

I made my way around and saw many names I have come to know and love, and quite a few nice, quality crafted do’s from some not as famous designers. I’ll be giving a run down of my fav’s in a day or two or three.

Until then, watch your back… they’re watching!

Number Five

The Big 5

No. 5 is here! Chenille No 5 to be exact. For release this week is a new crop chenille sweater. The textures are pretty kickin’ on this one. It comes complete with prim collar to keep you cuddly warm at any time isl. It comes in 9 colors: Plum, Buttercup, Maroon, Obsidian, Sapphire, Grass, Gold, Silver and Bronze. It doesn’t sell alone. I have paired it with my Earthy 698 Black Wash Jeans. Although I think the No. 5 looks pretty nice with just about any pant, I’m suggesting the following pairings.

The Silver or Obsidian No. 5’s with any of my black wash jeans. The Sapphire No. 5 looks great with any pair of dark blue jeans for a nice uniform look or light blue jeans for contrast. Here is the Obsidian No. 5 with the 698 Black Wash Jeans that come with the top.

Obsidian No. 5

The hair is from Taunt. It’s the fabulous Swinger hair in Champagne and it’s not only a great head of hair it’s flexi too. Check em out through the link on the right or just searh for taunt in the classifieds.

Come check them out Chenille No. 5 in person at Fashion Slave! And let me know what you think. Look for more Chenille numbers appearing at the store soon too!

Ahhhh! The Wonderful Feel of Fine Silk (and a Virtual World Business Brief)

I know what you’re thinking… It’s a fashion Blog and you’re mixing in Virtual World crap too!?!? yes, I am. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Don’t you just love the feel of a nice silk draped across your skin? I love it as it slides across my body either in the form of sheets on my bed or shirts, or any kind of undergarment. I created a sweet silk top that I paired with my Earthy 769 Jeans. I think the outfit has a causal, understated hotness about it. Ya know, ya look hot in it, but there is no reason to shove it in other peep’s faces.

Silk Indulgence

 It can be found in-world (when the Grid is not down like right now) at Fashion Slave in the BraveHearts sim. Enjoy!

Philip Rosedale is featured in Inc. Mag this month in the, “How I Did It” feature. Very interesting kinda traces his career and briefly discusses the hurdles Linden Labs has jumped over. I thought it was particularily interesting the management style and organization structure (if you call it that) that LL has. Find the whole 3-page article here.

Now is the Time to Get Busting Your Ass and Abs!

As we dawn upon March, it sure is high time that we all get nekkid and stand in front of a mirror and check out how the winter and holiday indulgences have taken their toll on our figures. I for one, could use a huge ass whoppin’ from a personal chef, personal trainer and once that’s over one from my sweetie <grins>.

That is one reason, I love Second Life. I got nekkid isl today and rotated my camera around my virtual self and felt contented. Exuberant, actually. I look good in everything! Especially swimwear. So I release to you fab bikinis just in time for your virtual self to remind your real-world self that it is time to hit it.

These suits come in solid colors that are all fruit themed. Ya know, pineapple, grape, BLACKberry etc…  And can be found at Fashion Slave.

Solid Bikinis

The suits also come in different colored patterns. I call them “concentric” due to the circular nature of the pattern. 

Pattern Bikinis

You can buy the colors and pattern you want individually for only $L150 or more than half off if you buy a set of eight. I hope you love them.


Return of the Sassy Seamstress

OKAY, The new CSS is up. I hope you like the look. It’s not perfect, but will do for now. I need to get back to designing.

Speaking of designing, up for your viewing (and hopefully wearing) pleasure is The Sassy Seamstress.


During the creation of the Sassy Seamstress, I envisioned myself sewing a new set of items and this is the result. It comes with the Sassy Seamstress Jacket which is “hand stitched” and has details like the leather zipper pull over the left breast pocket, metal buttons each with individual shadowing and “natural” shadows.

It comes with three pairs of Earthy Distressed 690 Cords (in tan, walnut and green tea). Also included is a matching knit sweater that shows under the jacket. The sweater also comes in a SEXY CUT (Grrr, Rowr). It can all be worn together or separate as your mood sees fit. The six piece set sells for L$425 at Fashion Slave.

Flesh Baring in Second Life? Say It Ain’t So!

Well, I was looking at this barren wasteland that I call my blog and it sure looked lonely. I suppose I can’t wait until my custom theme is completed, cause that’ll take forever! So, I have decided to use this theme for now.

I was reading a fashion new article on and I found it striking that sooo much of a big deal is always put on the fact that peeps are always “freeer” when it comes to either their fashion or their sexuality in-world.

Flesh baring is all the rage for women, too. So much for utopia being a place where women needn’t worry about the objectified female form. Then again, if you suddenly had Janet Jackson’s abs, wouldn’t you show them off?

Well, yeah!! But I suppose that not everyone looks exactly like their avatar like I do. <grins, giggles and pretends to be serious>. I guess the name of the game tells it all… SECOND LIFE, huh? Now for those unitiated to the game go check out secondlife,  but for those of us who know how it works, tell us what you do in-world that you would never do irl (in real life).

I for one, would never wear my Chained Ensemble irl. But I absolutely love it in-world on my avie! I look so yummy, I could just eat myself up. :-).


Post those comments!